where we have come from


I have loved being owner/operator of the Statesman Hair Studio, which I have been part of for nearly 28 years. Not much has changed since I last updated the history, except we have welcomed another wonderful person Caroline (Nautala Beauty) to our team of self employed business owners. With Amanda (Headmistress) and myself, we have a lovely crew. I am still Proudly Keune exclusive, and will continue to work with this amazing company and product.


I, Bronwyn am still the proud owner/operator of the Statesman Hair Studio. I have moved my business to the Blackheath Building in Durham Street, South, as of September 2019. I am now working as a sole operator in the beautiful front room within the salon Headmistress. There is a team of contractors who work in this lovely space, and I really enjoy being a part of this collaboration of experts. I am still an exclusive Keune Stockist, as this is an outstanding, amazing product, both for salon and at home care.


We are still here at our great corner spot, 410 Colombo Street, Sydenham. We have had a few changes over the last 18 months. We still have Bronwyn as owner/operator, this is her 20th year with The Statesman and she is still styling a lot of her loyal, longstanding clients, as well as our fantastic new ones. Alongside her, our two other staff members, Julianne Becker, previous owner/operator of Cashmere Hair Company, a talented senior stylist with over 30 years experience who brought with her many of her own loyal clients also, and loves servicing all of our new and regular clientele too. And Maddi our talented 3rd year apprentice, who is Bronwyns daughter and who is nearly finished her training, she is enjoying every aspect of hairdressing. We are now an exclusive KEUNE stockist and absolutely love this brand and all of their products!


As of April 2014, Bronwyn who has been with the Statesman for 17 years, has had the opportunity to take ownership of the business she has become so fond of. We are lucky that Courtenay, the previous owner has decided to stay on as one of our team. We look forward to seeing all the familiar faces of our valued clients and some new faces in our newly decorated premises soon.


After only a year of Statesman Hair Studio owner Courtenay Carter took over, we unfortunately got forced out of Armagh Street by mother nature. We spent 10 months working in a temporary location and then in January 2012 we moved into our wonderful bright new location at 410 Colombo Street. Along with Courtenay we also still have Bronwyn and look forward to hiring more staff later in the year.


In March 2010 the current owner Courtenay Carter bought Statesman from Naomi adding make up services to the salon and hires Krystal and 4 months later Bronwyn (a previous employee). We have given the salon a new warm and welcoming look and are excited about the future changes we have planned! We look forward to seeing you soon.


November of 2005 Naomi (a previous employee) bought the salon from Anna. They refreshed the look along with some changes, continuing to offer great services.


Anna McArther bought the salon in October 2004 from Dave Patrick. After 36 years of hairdressing, Dave decided to retire. Anna hired two more stylists, making a staff of four females.


In 2000, it was time tomove again and we relocated to 137 Armagh Street, where we have grown back to our former days with great premises and a great staff in Bronwyn who joined in 1997 and Naomi in 2000.


After 7 years a move was made to the removated Gloucester Arcade, where the salon was set up for 4 hair stylists due to space restrictions and for the next three years the salon operated under the name of Patrick's Hair Design. When another move proved to be necessary, and upstairs at 129 Armagh Street became home for the next 10 years reverting back to the name of Statesman Hair Studio, during this time Vince rejoined after a break of some 16 years, and stayed until he gave up hairdressing in 1997.


The salon relocated in 1979 to 103 Armagh Street, taking over the salon of Peter R. Still with a staff of five, but by this time female staff were introduced and the increasing number of female clients seeking the salon services was growing indeed today this is still the case.


In 1973 Dave Patrick joined the Statesman team and after 18 months he bought the salon along with a partner. Two years later Dave's partner left him to it, and Dave owned the salon until 2004 when ownership was handed over to Anna McArther with Dave continuing to work part time until February 2005.


The Statesman Hair Studio was started in 1969 by Vince Flynn. Vince relocated his salon from the Square to 113 Armagh Street, to be known as The Statesman Hair Stylists. It was one of the very few salons at the time catering for mens hairstyling as opposed to the more common place barbers shops, and offered men for the first time the opportunity to have their hair cut and styled properly. This proved to be a very popular innovation thanks to the energy and vision put in by Vince, and he soon had a salon with five stylists.